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Monday, January 12, 2015

Top Modern House in The World Most Expensive and Unique Design

People all over the world are very particular about how they want to build their houses. Everyone has an image in their head as to how their house should be. While some people are never able to realize their dream of having their own house, there are many eccentric people who do a little more than an ordinary person when building their homes. Hence we see numerous examples of what can only be called the modern architecture all around the world. This article describes some of the most expensive and unique houses.

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Modern House Interior Design
Modern House Interior Design1
Modern Interior Designs
Modern Houses in the worldSome of more expensive houses in the world are listed below :
1. Antilla, Mumbai, India: Antilla Mumbai
This house with a staggering cost of 1 billion dollars happens to be the most expensive housea in the world. This mansion rises to a height of 27 floors and belongs to the fifth richest man in the world, MukeshAmbani. Out of the 27 floors, 6 are dedicated to cars which the owner has a great passion for.
2. The Penthouse, London, UK: The Penthouse
This highly spectacular flat happens to be the most expansive apartment in the world. Located in the Hyde Park, this flat offers beautiful view of the Central London and has its own car parking area. What’s more is that the apartment is even rumored to have a lot of high-tech security features making it a perfect place to live if you are rich enough to afford it.
3. The Manor, Los Angeles: The Manor
This is the biggest house in the city of huge mansions. This place was constructed in early 1990’s based on the French chateau style. There are more than 120 rooms in this huge house and some of them are dedicated to entertainment such as cinema, spa, swimming pool etc. The parking area of The Manor is spacious enough to accommodate a hundred cars.
4. Updown Court, Surrey, UK: Updown Court
This remarkable house with a unique name is located in the neighborhood of Windlesham. This house covers a total area of 58 acres and has more than a hundred bedrooms. All rooms are equipped with the latest facilities. It has everything you need to live a luxury life including bowling alley, tennis courts and horse barns.


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