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Sunday, January 12, 2014


Excel Management and Outsourcing company (T) Limited is a professional organization offering a comprehensive range of HR and Investment advisory as well as corporate branding services. Excel commences its operations in Tanzania in January 2014 with the goal of offering quality advisory services to Tanzanian and African corporate and SMEs.

Excel has positioned itself to provide HR and investment advisory services with the specific goal of helping client organizations address their human resource and investment planning challenges, which have been identified as major encumbrances to business growth and competitiveness.

According to the HR Landscape Report 2013, there has been a simultaneous challenge to traditional HR practices with the rapid rise of mobile technology and social media. Such developments have helped to drive changes in the past three years, both in terms of the acceptance of technology in assessment and in its perceived value.
These new capabilities are changing the way data is collected on employees and external candidates: from recruiting via social media sites to testing candidates on their smart phones and other digital devices, organizations must consider how to ensure consistency and fairness in their recruiting and hiring processes. “With recent developments in the HR field and our unmatched expertise in the area, Excel is now in a leading position to help organizations in successfully recruiting, developing and retaining talented individuals, while also mediating the internal struggle for ownership of talent strategy”, said Mr. Deogratius Kilawe, Managing Director of Excel Outsourcing and Management Company Limited.

Speaking on talent management, Mr. Kilawe emphasized that engaging the workforce and developing leaders remain top priorities for organizations in the coming year. “In order to meet the immense challenges facing the staffing industry, a unique combination of experience, innovation and responsiveness is required. With more than 24 years experience, we firmly believe that no other company is better qualified or equipped to respond to these challenges than our company”, added Mr. Kilawe.

With less than 20% of Tanzanian firms confident in that their human capital strategy is truly embedded in broader organization strategy, Excel HR advisory will help firms to better harmonize their human resource and business strategies, thus ensuring greater synergy and eventually greater business success.

Excel will also bring to the market a development program that will ensure that more employees are competent in line with what is expected in today’s globalised business environment, thus helping to ensure that Tanzanians can compete favorably with foreigners in the local, regional and international labor market.

Speaking about doing business in Tanzania, Excel’s Department of Business and Investment Advisory will offer range of services for business establishment such as business registration, TIC certification for local and foreign investors, intellectual property rights, market research, fund mobilization, investment planning and corporate branding.


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